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Power Generator Service & Repair

SI Alarms offers full generator service, repairs, and planned maintenance
programs for commercial, industrial and home generator systems.

For Winnipeg and Manitoba area customers interested in scheduling a maintenance or service
call, please complete the form on this page.

Manufacturers include Cummins, Onan, Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, Generac, Kohler, Katolight, MTU Baldor, , Honda, Yamaha, and many more.

Inspections & Maintenance Services

Our Inspection programs are designed to meet CSA-282-15 Requirements.

CSA282 Semi Annual Inspection: (Recommended Interval – Every 6 Months)
Inspection of critical items such as your engine, generator, automatic transfer switches, batteries, charging
system, cooling system, exhaust system, ventilation system. Testing safety shutdowns and testing system
for one hour under building load if permitted. Sign completed passed equipment inspection sticker, and
provide customer with service report

CSA282 Annual Full Service, Inspection and Load Test: 
(Recommended Interval – Every 12 Months)
CSA282 Annual Load Test, Service and Inspection is REQUIRED for life safety equipment. Load Testing Minimizes potential issues related to moisture build-up, settling of particles in fuel and carbon deposits in your engine. This is not only a recommended test, but per CSA282 and the Winnipeg Fire Department, This is a requirement for facilities providing life safety equipment systems, example. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Apartments and Condos that use emergency standby generators. Load Bank Testing on your generator system also ensures your system is ready for the largest loads. Load Bank
Testing applies desired loads to your generator set to monitor the performance and Tests the capabilities of your system. Performing this test ensures your system is setup to handle the load it was designed to achieve.

(If your unit is used for Prime Power, recommend Oil changes are every 6 months or 250 hours, whichever comes first)
Inspection of critical items such as your engine, generator, automatic transfer switches, batteries, charging system, cooling system, exhaust system, ventilation system. Testing safety shutdowns  Engine Lubrication Systems: Inspect engine for leaks; oil and filters changed
Engine Air Cleaners: Dry Type: Clean or replace filter, as needed. Wet type: clean and change oil
once per year.Ignition Systems: Check magneto and replace spark plugs as needed. Governor: Check and verify engine speed, sensitivity and oil level.
Engine Cooling System: Check general condition, pressure test rad cap, anti-freeze, coolant level, belts, water pump and hoses.
Engine Electric system: Test battery, Test Starter and clean battery posts and cables.

  • Engine Fuel System: Inspect for leaks. Check all connections and fuel lines.
  • Engine Exhaust System: Check for leaks, ventilation and corrosion.Control Instrumentation: Check all instruments for proper operation.
  • Calibrate Generator output voltage
  • Calibrate generator output frequency
  • Timers and Relays: Check auxiliary contacts for proper operation.
  • Safety Shutdown Circuits and Alarm Systems: Check for proper operation
  • Transfer witch: clean, inspect and check operation
  • Perform 2 hour Load Test with portable Load Bank

Sign completed passed equipment inspection sticker, and provide customer with service report
Load Bank Testing: (Recommended Interval – Every 12 Months)

Coolant System Flush: (Recommended Interval – Every 24 Months)
Reduces sediment buildup which could cause corrosion in coolant piping and tanks.

Belts and Hoses Replacement: (Recommended Interval – Every 24 Months)
Replacement of belts and hoses reduces risk of failure which could cause further damage to engine.

Fuel Cleaning: (Recommended Interval – Every 24 Months)
Reconditions, stabilizes and decontaminates fuels. It efficiently removes water, sludge and sediments that
naturally accumulate in tanks.

Battery Replacement: (Recommended Interval – Every 3 – 4 years)
Batteries are load tested every 6 month. Remove and replace batteries if between 3 and 4 years old at time
of Inspection or full service Inspection. Includes disposal of old batteries.


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