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Business Security : 5 Ways to secure your locations

Security is important for every commercial establishment because no one wants to risk losing their assets. Nothing feels worse than being greeted with a report that your property has been intruded by burglars and you’ve lost valuable items and equipment. It stops your business growth dead in its tracks and it takes away a large chunk of your resources to recoup the losses. Below are a few easy to implement cost-effective solutions:

Install a Small Business Security System

As a business owner, you have many things at your company that might require protection: inventory, customer information, employees, and your property. One of the best things companies can do to protect themselves is to install a security system designed specifically for their unique needs. Some of the reasons companies install security systems:

Maintain a secure appearance – When clients arrive at your business and notice security cameras, they will feel more secure when they’re onsite.  They will understand that you are committed to protecting your community.

Deter burglars on the spot – Thieves prefer easy targets because they want to get away with their crimes.  Well-placed security cameras and window decals that notify patrons of active security systems are more likely to scare burglars away from your business.

Protect against liability claims – Security cameras protect business owners from more than burglaries.  If a customer blames your company for an issue that occurs on the property, well-placed security cameras can help you get to the root of the problem and resolve it.  Cameras can help determine whether your company is actually liable for the issue.

Save on insurance – Some insurance companies offer discounts if homes and businesses invest in monitored burglar alarms and fire alarms.  If you install a system in your business, consult your business insurance agent to see if you qualify for discounts.

  • Discouraging burglars with window, door and motion sensors
  • Keep an eye out with night vision security camera systems
  • Get real-time alerts with our Mobile Apps
  • Potential Insurance discounts
  • Safer employees
  • Reduced employee theft

To learn more what we can do for the security of your business visit contact a security consultant at (204) 231-1606

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