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Access Control

There are numerous benefits to installing card access to your facility or site. Above all, a card access system it automates the expensive and complicated security interventions that rely on human enforcement and mechanical devices that have traditionally been the enforcers of security. Access control adds increased value to your operations by reducing costs and by replacing ongoing security protocols.

With modern electronic card access, you

  • Eliminate the necessity for key auditing and expense of re-keying if keys are lost or misplaced
  • Immediate addition or elimination of credentials in the event of staff changes in the system
  • Tracking of entrance and exits to individual doors by personnel

And in return, you can enjoy benefits, such as:

  • Accessing the electronic card system remotely
  • Control Setting doors to open on automatic schedules
  • Accessing intuitive application for provisioning card access rules
  • Having Real-time visibility and Control into activity at your site
  • Projecting the right professional optics to people visiting and working at your site/organization
  • Control user permissions and checking of timestamped control logs

Additional electronic features:

Tie in your existing network to an electronic card access system
With on-site internet, deploy Mobile Access Solutions
Our card access systems come with electronic fail safes such as UPS back-ups and unique power configurations
Check the health of electronic devices in the field such as readers and expanders using hardware monitors built into the software
Monitor voltage and power consumption of electronic devices

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