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Fire alarm installation in Lagimodière Boulevard, Winnipeg

The engineers at 3-Phase Electrical LTD pride themselves on the high calibre of work they produce, their attention to detail, and always ensuring that all work is performed to the highest possible standards. Their success is attributed to understanding their customers needs and continuously exceeding their expectations.

Their project consisted in installing a new fire alarm system to the newly added building extension. The commercial building located a few minutes away from downtown Winnipeg required the new installation before tenant occupancy. Due to the nature of the endeavour, the system took two days to install and was completed without any issues or delays.

Maple Armor’s intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel FW106 was installed. The new system consisted of manual stations, Horn/Strobes, and input modules. Furthermore, isolator modules and sync modules were also installed.

The installation was completed by our partners at SI Alarms LTD. who were completing their first project using Maple Armor products. This project was seen as the perfect opportunity for SI Alarms LTD. to get exposure to the Maple Armor line of products. We have received tremendous feedback from the team regarding the quality of the procedural and technical support provided by our team of engineers throughout the project. Naturally, the fire alarm system’s addressable features needed to be programmed and our team of engineers were able to provide crystal clear instructions when needed as to make the installation as smooth and seamless as possible.

The feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive. SI Alarms’ first installation could not have gone any smoother and they cannot wait for their next Maple Armor installation. We have also received a positive response from the engineers at 3-Phase Electrical LTD who absolutely love the panel.

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