Fire alarm system replacement for a commercial building in Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg

Selkirk Avenue began as the “heart” of the North End neighborhood in Winnipeg, with its extensive range and concentration of retail offerings and clothing stores. Today, Selkirk Avenue continues to feature many unique and ethnic offerings. Furthermore, an increasing number of education and training centres have appeared alongside award-winning murals and sculptures by Indigenous and international artists.

When the owners of the commercial building located at 563-565 Selkirk Avenue decided to renovate their property, this included the replacement of their existing fire alarm system. They trusted Maple Armor’s innovative and cost-effective solutions to modernize their building.

This new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 Control panel, FW122 annunciator, FW511 photoelectric smoke detectors, FW521 heat detectors configured for both fixed and rate-ofrate detection, FW721 manual stations, an FW811 input module, FW831 relay modules, FW962 horn-strobe, and FW982 strobe.

The installation was completed without any issues whatsoever. The electrical contractor who completed the installation loved how easy the system was to configure. We have also received amazing feedback from the engineers who designed the system. We certainly look forward to becoming their number one choice for future projects.

Case Study