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CO2 and ABC Refills

SI Alarms offers CO2 and ABC refills for fire extinguishers.

We sell CO2 cannisters that range in size from 5,10,15,20 pounds. We sell ABC cannisters that range from 2.5,5,10,20 pounds.

There are several instances when extinguishers need to be recharged/refilled with the proper extinguishing agent.

  • Immediately after use.
  • For CO2, every five years, regardless of use; for ABC, every six years, regardless of use.
  • If damage is incurred to the fire extinguishers.

Hydro testing

SI Alarms also offers hydro testing, whereby the cylinder is pressurized to 585 psi to assure the integrity of the cylinder.

  • For CO2, hydro testing must be done every five years.
  • ABC extinguishers must go for hydro testing every 12 years.
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