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A family of five escaped a dramatic New Year’s Day house fire in St. Vital unharmed but their home was completely gutted from the fire.

A neighbor told CTV News the family went to his house in the middle of the afternoon and asked him to call 9-11 because of smoke and moments later the house was engulfed.

The home is located at St Mary’s Road and Havelock Avenue.

A family of five escaped a dramatic house fire in St. Vital unharmed but their home is completely gutted.

Smoke billowing from the fire could be seen from downtown and throughout the southern part of the city.

As many of us have celebrated the past several weeks counting our many blessing we have been glad to report on positive stories and cheerful celebrations in our city. We are saddened to hear about the house fire in St. Vital and are relieved to know that everyone is okay.

Early detection from their smoke alarm allowed them to notify a neighbor to call 9-11 to request assistance from the local fire department. Within a couple of minutes that same smoke turned into violent flames that began to quickly spread throughout the home.

Though the fire department responded quickly, did you know that you can decrease the time it takes for them to respond? SI Alarms Ltd is proud to offer 24/7 monitored smoke detection options for ALL of our security systems.

Have our ULC monitored station call you within seconds of the alarm trigger via cell phone or land line calling. We will stay on the line with you until you deem it necessary for us to dispatch the local emergency services. We deliver calm, effective relay of critical information held on file to quickly transmit your emergency call.

Story and images courtesy of CBC

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