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Door Intercom

SI Alarms offers a variety of options for intercom systems for various entry and/or communication needs.

We offer the power of a basic 1-door/master to enterprise platform with the simplicity of a single
system. This platform for small to enterprise security communications grows with you. It can
expand with your network across multiple security layers for one very powerful solution. Combine this
with built-in backwards/forwards compatibility and our outstanding reliability, and you can feel confident in
your choice for years to come.

Utilizing SIP, place or forward calls to an external phone number. Master stations can now serve a dual
role as a single command point, controlling security layers such as access control and emergency

With picture-in-picture, master stations can view 1-to-many doors via Onvif. Supervision ensures all
stations are online while device check verifies every button, station speaker, and microphone are
operating properly.

Education Public Address

SI Alarms is the proud representative of CareHawk and Dukane education communication systems. With 2 options including analog or I.P. based voice communication we can cater a system to fit all needs. The system is as well capable of analog or I.P. camera integrations, as well as setting class change buzzers, and selective room or area paging. The Carehawk and Dukane names are easily integrated to existing or new VOIP telephone systems, allowing fro paging to take place from any telephones within the facility, or from other locations.

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