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Last Saturday, a farmer and his family were devastated after a fire claimed the majority of their livestock on their dairy farm.

Approximately 103 of their cattle were killed in the fire. The family was able to save 60 cows.

Welden Plett told CBC News the fire began about 9:17am.

The case of the fire has not yet been determined.

Manitoba fire crews responded to the call and began battling the blaze.

The Plett family is in shock for how much they’ve lost due to this fire incident.

“At this point we’re all still pretty much in shock,” said Plett. “We have no idea what direction to turn to at this point, but we’ve had other curve balls thrown at us, you keep going. So who knows, it’s too early to tell what we’re going to do,” he said.

The cows that survived have been moved to temporary housing conditions at a neighbors farm.

None of the family members were injured as a result.

Our local farmers are the backbone of our agricultural industry and provide us with fresh food choices. It deeply saddens us to learn about this tragic fire in our Manitoba community.

Having a defensive Manitoba fire infrastructure can be too large for farmers to maintain such as sprinklers, wired smoke and carbon detectors in remote locations.

In the first line of defense against fires, it’s crucial to react with the appropriate fire tools.

Fire extinguishers in Manitoba help prevent large fires and damages to property.

A fire can quickly escalate, especially on a commercial farm.

This is a good reminder to all farmers to consult their local fire and safety companies to help identify the materials on their property so the proper extinguishing agent can be available.

We recommend Type B & C extinguishers as these are for use on combustible liquid fires and electrical fires which are common items on a farm.

20LB extinguishers would be the best choice as it will give you the largest portable defense available.

SI Alarms Ltd. is offering free fire consultations to all Manitoba farmers to help prevent these disastrous fires.

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