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Austco NurseCall

SI Alarms is an authorized reseller of Austco NurseCall Tacera.

IP Nurse Call and Communication Systems

Tacera is an IP-based VOIP communication system, where all system components are fully IP configurable, enabling real-time communication from the time patients are admitted to the time they are discharged. This results in measurable improvements to patients’ experience and quality of care.

NurseCall Tacera enhances patient and staff experience in primary care facilities, such as hospitals and residential aged care facilities. NurseCall components connect through a local area network, enabling real-time visibility of facilities, tasks, and patient status.

Benefits for Acute Care

  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved staff experience and satisfaction
  • Reduced risk for staff and patients
  • Enhanced management through increased visibility
  • Reduced Overall Costs

Benefits for Aged Care

  • Enhanced independence for residents
  • Enhanced ease of use for residents
  • Improved quality of service and care

Scalable and future-proof

Tacera can be tailored to customers’ existing and future needs. Tacera’s open architecture and ability to fully integrate with new and existing software and middleware give the system unrivalled scaling capability, without impacting service availability.

High Availability

Based on a unique decentralized architecture which eliminates the need for a central server, Tacera maximizes availability at all times. There is no single point of failure that might disrupt call signaling. Additionally, self-testing capabilities and a failover mode forward ensure that a patient call is always available.

Messaging Capabilities

Tacera extends the traditional nurse call system functionality. Every device is monitored and programmed via the facility’s LAN, enabling real-time clinical care information and patient data to be delivered or escalated to the right member of staff on the move. This can be processed within a single department or across several, locally, remotely and to wireless staff stations “ ensuring effective message delivery and enabling staff mobility at all times.

Real-time data distribution

While traditional nurse calls only react to events, the TACERA solution sets new standards by providing monitoring and data management tools. These tools analyze, anticipate and alert healthcare staff to patients’ needs. Functionality such as Deferred Call and Rounding enables Tacera to schedule, anticipate and remind nurses and staff of procedures and requirements before they become an issue.


Acute care-specific management reporting tools enable all activity to be logged and audited, providing healthcare facilities with workflow and performance data critical to patient safety and satisfaction. For further reporting, Tacera integrates with existing databases via HL7 and ODBC.


Tacera is specifically designed to integrate with a wide range of hardware, software and database systems. Such systems include clinical alarms, RTLS, building management systems, wireless telephones and more.

Pulse Mobile

New Pulse Mobile- allows staff members to utilize portable tablets and smart phones as a portable annunciator. Allowing all incoming calls to be viewed on their device while in the facility. the system automatically shuts off upon departure and  logs in upon arrival back at work.

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