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Residential Network Systems

The home network has become the backbone of our modern lifestyles. From home automation to entertainment systems, the devices and systems that we rely on need high availability, continuous network connectivity or wifi. But not all network are created equal. The size of your home, its location, and the number of devices connecting to the internet affects the speed and performance of the whole network.

Speed. Reliability. We  design networks to support all of your components requirements.


Cell Boosters

Cell Signal boosters for home improve cell signals for all carriers and all devices, require no recurring fees, can be simple to install, and are a great way to improve weak voice, text and 4G LTE data signals in a small and large homes and apartments.

For homes with no cell signal inside and weak or moderately usable cell signals outside or nearby the home a signal booster can improve the cell signal inside of the home. Cell phone signal boosters work by capturing the signal outside of the home with an outside antenna, strengthening the signal with a cell phone signal booster, and distributing the improved signal inside of the home using one or more internal antennas. Signal boosters are used to stop dropped calls and fix weak cell phone signals in small and large homes and apartments across Canada. Any home with a weak cell signal can benefit from one of SureCall’s powerful signal boosters to improve cell signals inside the home for all carriers, all cell phones and devices, and with absolutely no recurring fees after purchase.

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