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Affordable Residential & Commercial Alarm Installation

SI Alarms provides residential and commercial alarms system installation and products that scale to the needs of facility and business, ranging from homes, small businesses, large commercial and non-commercial enterprises in Winnipeg. We also provide a variety of real-time surveillance options, as well end-to-end installation and provisioning of alarm systems, including cabling and low voltage electrical work, and training.

SI Behind the Scenes

Residential Security Systems

Bring Your Security Alarm Systems To Life

Our magnificent high-resolution touchscreen keypads and wireless alarm systems provide you with a convenient way to automate and control your wireless security system, heating and cooling, door locks, shades, lighting and more – all from one user interface.

SI Home Security can help you make the most of your home with a subtle alarm installation, or go wireless – letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement, energy savings and endless possibilities with discreet installation.  Enjoy the enhanced Wireless controll,  Comfort, Convenience.  Welcome to the wireless Winnipeg home.


Connect to the Possibilities

With the touch of a finger, your wireless home can come to life.  Think you forgot to turn off your outside lights when you’re downstairs watching a movie?  Just reach for your smartphone and check.  You can keep an eye on your kids through Internet TV from the comfort of your couch.  The possibilities are endless.  The only limitation is your imagination!

Set the Scene

Enhanced residential systems make it easy to set scenes that occur on a regular basis through Z-Wave® technology—enhancing your comfort and helping you make the most out of your home. You can unlock the front door for a babysitter or housekeeper at the same time every week, turn on the lights when your security alarm sounds, adjust the thermostat when you leave the house and more. Perfect for when you’re leaving Winnipeg during the winter

Energy Management

With the built-in Z-Wave® energy management, you won’t believe how easy it is to stay comfortable, save money and save energy without having to change your daily routine.

Heating and Cooling

Thermostats can automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your security system. Imagine the comfort, convenience and savings you’ll enjoy.  Precise temperature control enables our thermostats to provide better comfort, fewer temperature swings and conserve more energy on those cold Winnipeg nights.


SI Enhanced security makes automated household lighting a snap! Turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off every time you arm or disarm —a great way to save money and energy when you’re away and enter a comfortable, well-lit home when you return. It’s brilliantly simple!

hand holding 3d rendering mobile connect with security camera

Winnipeg Video

Enhance your protection with the ability to view live video around the premises on the touchscreen, smartphones, tablets or televisions systems.

  • Check up on your kids, housekeepers and pets from another area of your home.
  • Keep a watchful eye over vulnerable areas like pools, backyards, front doors any time.
  • Add Total ConnectTM Remote Services to view live video remotely and receive video alerts.

Winnipeg Commercial Alarm System Installation

Total Connect

Total Connect features the easiest security interface yet! Intuitive prompts and vivid graphic icons are easy to read, easy to understand and make operation a snap. Everything you need to control and manage your commercial system is viewable at a glance—including the keypad, status and zones.

Account Setup

With the Total Connect system, you can setup and manage your accounts, control multiple systems, add users, assign codes, control cameras and more all on your own with an easy-to-navigate menu—making life easy for the busy professional.


Focus on Opportunity

If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you’ve got everything needed to look in business, job sites or employees wherever with Total Connect Video Services. Record and store video clips and e-mail snapshots!

Multi-Site Installation

The multi-site feature lets you view up to 100 multiple locations from one convenient login. Ideal for franchise owners, real estate investors, vacation home owners and more. Customize access and settings for multiple users (e.g. employees, contractors, cleaning crews, etc)

E-Mail & Video Notification

Personal reporting of video and alarm system events can be conducted via e-mail to compatible mobile wireless devices. When adding cameras to the system, pictures can be sent to a smartphone, cell phone or e-mail address upon an alarm or a pre-programmed event. View live, streaming video from a web browser or mobile device.

Web-based Remote Control

Control your alarm with a virtual keypad on any PC-based web browser. This is the ultimate convenience, control and flexibility since end-users can log in from any remote location.

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