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This weekend fire fighters in Winnipeg were kept busy in the early hours of Sunday when they responded to a couple of garage fires that broke out within an hour of each other.

In the end, the flames had taken and destroyed both of the garages. Located at 46 Kate Street & in the East Kildonan area on Larsen Avenue the first fire was reported at 2:45 a.m. and the second at 3:57 a.m. according to the CBC report.

Fire crews are reporting one of the fires as being suspicious in nature.

Throughout the last two years, arson and suspicious fire activity have increased here in the city of Winnipeg. Many people are becoming concerned because the majority of fires occur late at night, and these can easily spread to houses on the same lot.

Did you know SI Alarms Ltd. can help safeguard your garage and house through a conventional alarm system?

We can extend security from your home to the garage and beyond. By utilizing wireless security we are able to defend against less monitored areas on your property.

Smoke detectors, gate contacts, and motion sensors are items we suggest to fight against garage fires in Winnipeg.

With added outdoor security, monthly monitoring costs do not increase, so having additional protection is cost effective and gives you peace of mind.

Adding fire extinguishers in places such as garages, and having first alert notification through extra security can give you the tools capable of preventing loss or damages.

Arson is on the rise here in Manitoba and SI Alarms Ltd. is ready and standing by to fight the good fight against garage fires in Winnipeg.

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